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Chrysostomos beach is located in a small settlement 75km south of Heraklion and just 3km east of Kalo Limenas. It took its name from the ruined church of St. John Chrysostom located in a panoramic location above the beach. The beach has sand in the east and pebbles in the west and is not very organized, being one of the best options for a quiet vacation in southern Crete. The settlement is built on the site of the ancient city of Lasaia, which was one of the most important ports of Gortyna, the largest city in Roman Crete. The city refers to the deeds of St. Paul, who visited the area during his trip to Rome. From the city there are various traces, with the most characteristic rocks from the old waterfront of the ancient port, which connects the beautiful beach with the island of Trafos. West of Trafos there is the rocky beach Segrezo Riaki, with a source of water.

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